Impact Creative Media & PR (ICM & PR) is a Media company born exclusively for the Worldwide angling industry that has now grown and expanded to cover media and promotions for many brands outside of the angling world such as Makita, Mumford & Wood and Serre Chevallier.


Isn’t it great how powerful word of mouth can be!


Because we work for you on a freelance basis you are always in total control of workload and budget, therefore you really can keep costs low.


At ICM & PR, our vision is to be a media agency that offers a genuinely personal touch, taking pride in getting to know you and your business.


We look forward to guiding our clients through the bewildering mix of traditional media, new media, emerging media and things that aren’t really media at all – things like widgets, mobile, events, word of mouth, SEO and Social Networks.


We take a huge amount of pride in the work we do meaning you can be totally confident of achieving your targets.

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