Digital covers a great deal of topics from Social Media to web site building.
We have had incredible success in a very short period of time, creating better and clearer branding, unrivalled online advertising, more likes, more page visits, better interaction and ultimately more sales.


Facebook is a funny old thing, everyone knows they need some sort of presence on the worlds biggest Social Media site but most don't know why.


It is not simply posting up the odd picture and watch the money flow, instead we use Facebook as a gateway, a way to interact with target markets, to promote websites, events or offers.


We study the most effective times to post, the type of posts that create the best response and even the language to use in order to speak to your market properly.


We can run pages on your behalf for very little cost and ensure consistent and effective posts.

Website builds.

An effective, clear and interactive website is clearly a must.


But is your website creating huge headaches as making adjustments and changes seems to become ever more time consuming and costly.


ICM&PR create simple and effective sites that are easy to tweak and keep up to date.


We also optimize your site to ensure it ranks highly on all major search engines.


We create our sites on template sites so the cost and time is dramatically reduced.

Online advertising.


We have a very successful track record when it comes to online advertising, that can be via Social Media, forums and websites.


Online advertising is most importantly measurable, very quickly we can identify what works, what doesn't and why.


Done correctly online media campaigns can achieve unrivalled results at half the cost of traditional media.


We take away all the confusion and potential difficulties by creating your ad campaign and setting it all up, we then provide weekly reports on the advert campaigns effectiveness.

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