Ladywell Fishery, 1st impressions.

Recently we have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Cleverley fisheries, they own a select group of very special syndicates and now exclusive day ticket waters in Essex. Ladywell is one of these exclusive new waters. Not opening until late June we have had access to this stunning place for the last few weeks to try and catch some of its special fish, get some photography and shoot footage for their promotional launch video, here is a little run down on the things we have seen and what we have learnt.

1st impressions of Ladywell are that you are in a real Oasis, as you shut the gates behind you and drive down the long and winding track you instantly feel relaxed and the excitement to see the lake rises every meter you drive, when the lake does open up in front of you, you cant get out the car quick enough, the place is just stunning. If you made a list of everything you wanted in your perfect lake then I am pretty sure you would find them at Ladywell. Islands, shallows, weed, weeping willows, reed beds, wildlife, shallows, clear water the lot and that’s before you have even seen the fish.

Ben the fishery owner has worked ridiculously hard over the last year to give Ladywell a second lease of life. Initially the water was drained down and hundreds and hundreds of tons of silt were removed in order to ensure the quality of the water was at its best, Ben has also created new Bivvy friendly swims around the lake, footpaths, parking and is even building a lodge, it will be a hard place to leave in a few weeks time when it is all finished!

Our first trip was a few nights after Chris Cox had done his 1st night on the new Ladywell. Chris fished the newly created Lodge swim for 24 hours and had a really successful trip, I think he fished Yellow IB's over a decent bed of particle, they got straight on the bait and he managed 4 Ladywell stunners in really quick succession.

I am no fool and a few days later I was also set up in the same swim for my day session, after finding a few likely looking spots amongst the reeds on the far bank I put out a good bed of Dynamites Chilli Hemp, Mini Tigers, crushed Tigers and Krill pellets. I also sticked out a kilo of mixed Activ 8 and Cell, rigs were simple Helicopter rigs with critically balanced yellow hookbaits over the top.

Before I got the rods out though I grabbed the cameras and went for another stroll around, getting snaps and clips for use later on when we put together the official Ladywell promo. Half an hour later and I was back in the swim and there were obvious signs of fish, the reeds were flicking and there was some pretty savage bubbling going on, both rods were quickly dispatched to the far margin and I sat back awaiting my 1st Ladywell fish. A few hours later though and although the fish were obviously still using the far margin I couldn’t get a bite, and when the screamer did eventually come I managed to loose it in the reeds. I skipped the other rod in and put a bit more Cell out before changing the rigs to simple naked Chods and Milky Toffee pop ups.

They were flicked back out and I started tidying things away ready to head home. It didn’t take long though for the new tactics to pay off, the left hander pulled up tight and my 1st Ladywell battle ensued. The fish was an animal and ploughed up and down the swim charging through reed beds and making powerful surges towards the bottom, eventually though he gave up and a fighting fit upper double Common went in the net. Only a few minutes later the other rod tore off and a supercharged Ladywell Carp went flying up the lake intent on shedding the hook but eventually he was tamed and my 2nd Ladywell fish was shuffled into the net. It looked a cracker as well, certainly a 20 and covered in tiny golden scales, he looked as old as the hills as well so I guessed it was one of the Ladywell originals, on closer inspection and a quick phone call to Ben the fish turned out to be called 'Darrell 1 Pec' and wasn’t even an original but was actually one of the hand picked new fish that had come from one of Ben's stock waters and just goes to show the incredible quality of the fish he produces and what you can expect when you fish Ladywell.

With that I was fairly happy with the day, I had got the footage I was after as well as catching a couple of very welcome crackers. After Chris' success a few days earlier and my bites on a day trip it really does look like a couple of bites in 24 hours is more than achievable and when you are on them a few more.

It really is a stunning place and I cannot wait to get back. For further details oncom booking, stock and prices visit Ladywell on Facebook by following this link https://www.facebook./LadywellFishery and keep your eyes open for the promotional video coming soon.

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