It is nearly lift off

As we aproach the winter season the fishing slows down but 'the scene' steps up a gear as brands get ready to launch their 2015 ranges, it seems almost every weekend is taken up by another show. Flag waving excersise for many, useful for many others, you decide who falls into each camp!

For us we have been pretty busy as well helping Dynamite to get ready for some very exciting new product launches, each product will have its own little media pack to include everything you would ever need to know about a product including a short video, still a fair few more to go but looking forward to being able to release them.

We have also been pretty non stop with Atomic, the cult brand is turning a little less cult and a little more mainstream as the quality of what they do becomes more apparent to the masses. We have done loads of photography bits including a little shoot on the Bomz Away Leadclips with Lee Merritt.

On top of that I caught up with Ben Cooper for a quick evenings fishing to film a series of short interviews about an incredible session he had as well as a short video detailing his Stiffun Multi Rig, you can see them below.

The Stiffun Multi Rig

The Ben Cooper interview Pt 1 - 'The best session of my life.'

To see parts 2, 3 and 4 then click here

On top of all the fishing related media we have been busy with Mantle creating some more short films about their services, one of the most recent ones was about the their diferent office packages which was eye opening actually, take a look.

The coming weeks will be equally busy, photography days with some rather unique windows (yes all will become clear soon) more npd films for Dynamite, the presenting, filming and editing of Winter Uncut 2015 for Atomic, the organisation of the Brentwood show and hopefully some fishing for myself at the stunning Quarry fishery.

So there it is, a bit of a nutshell look at the last couple of weeks, I will do my best to try and update these blogs more than once in a blue moon.

Take care, Nic Brown

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