A varied week!

Well last week was certainly a varied week.

It covered everthing from photographing a tiling project for a client to getting on the banks of the Quarry to do a few photos with Atomic's Ben Cooper and of course I got my rods out for the night too.

Bite wise we struggled, tempretures dropped to minus 3 but to be honest the place is so stunning it was still great to be there, talk all things Carpy with Ben and also get some filming done for the Aomic rig clinic.

Ben has had an incredible amount of huge fish from France and with people looking forward to a trip abroad this year so we have had a look at Ben's very simple yet unique French Bare-Bak rig. Take a look below.

This week is another busy week with loads of editing to do and no fishing! But I guess if you are office bound this wintery week probably isnt a bad time for it to happen.

Be lucky


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