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Etang de Berniere
Jon McAllisters new adventure in France.
Berniere is 32 acres of Carp stuffed lake in stunning surroundings with huge fish, a lodge, toilets and showers.
Check out the Facebook page here




Cleverley Fisheries

Cleverley Fisheries own and run some fantastic lakes in Essex including The Quarry, Cleverley Mere, Boyton Cross, Ladywell, Top Lake and more.

Check them out by hitting this link www.cleverleyfisheries.co.uk


The Force Rod Design
A small and stunning selection of 'proper' Carp rods that I am lucky enough to use.
Designed with its action as paramaount importance, a rarity these days.




Our German friends at Carpspot.de are true innovators.
Their products are all designed by the small in house team headed by Sebastian and are for real thinking anglers.
Take a look at their site www.carpspot.de




Cleverley Fisheries.

A selection of some of the UK's premier big carp fisheries including Cleverley Mere, Top Lake, The Quarry, Ladywell and more.



Monkey Climber.

A truly inspirational and very much needed quarterly publication.


Granted it is not in English but the feel, style and  photography alone will be enough to keep any real Carp angler occupied for hours.


Fingers crossed this awesome magazine will be in English App format soon!

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